Setting Goals is Part of the Social Phobia Treatment Protocol

It is not a bad thing to dream but be practical about it. Set goals and then work out how to achieve them. You have to make choices if you want to get anywhere. The beginning is the most important part of any goal.  Whatever you want to achieve in your life if you don’t make the effort you will not reach your goal.

Nothing in life is handed to you on a golden platter. You are the only person that can make this happen. When you have goals and a positive outlook on life you have something to aim for. Hard work and fun is what life is all about.  Believe it can be done, have goals, never give up, believe in yourself and help one another.

If you don’t have the right experiences and attitude to reach your goal, look for opportunities and another way to change your way of thinking.

• Keep your eyes open – look and learn
• What you put into your goal in what you will get out of it
• There are no quick fixes and nobody owes you anything and life itself owes you nothing.  The only person that owes you anything is yourself
• Always have a positive outlook on life when it is no longer fun move on
• Believe you can do it, love life and enjoy every minutes of it
• The fun and challenge in life is what you should be looking at.

Firstly you always have to start at the beginning in order to get where you intended going. Life is too short to be unhappy and working up stress and misery is not a good way to live and taking the past events with you everyday can only stunt your growth.

Be bold calculate risks and take them have no regrets. Keep to your word and believe in yourself. Life is full of hard choices and once you have decided to do something, do it and never look back and never regret it. Success is more than luck you have to believe in yourself and make it happen. Sometimes you win and sometimes you lose just be happy when you win and don’t have regrets when you lose. Never look back as you can’t change the past. Learn from it and avoid making the same mistakes.

Challenge is the key to change and you need to aim high and experience new things. Don’t give up just keep trying. We all need something to aim for such as a challenge or goal. When you challenge yourself you grow which in itself is a life changing experience. Say to yourself I can do it, I will keep trying till I win and I will do the very best I can.

Do you think you need this kind of social phobia treatment?

If there is an ocean cross it, if there is a disease cure it, if there is a wrong right it, if there is a record to be broken break it, if there is a mountain climb it and continue to challenge yourself. Stand on your own two feet and only rely on yourself. Don’t sit around and wait for others to assist you. When people see that you are trying and that you are making an effort to make positive changes in your life they will come forward and assist you.

• Rely on yourself
• Choose your dreams but live in the real world
• Think for yourself and get things done
• Don’t sit around and wait for everything to be handed to you on a plate.  People will only give and help when they see you are making an effort to change and go forward.

In the real world we all need to struggle and apply continued effort to achieve

Believe in yourself
• Believe in your hands that work
• Believe in your brain that thinks
• Believe in your heart that loves
• Live in the moment
• Love and live life to the fullest
• Make every second of your life count
• Never have regrets

Focus is very important and one should not focus on what other people are doing focus on what you want and where you are heading to. Many people spend their lives wishing they had this and that and they never achieve anything but continue to worry about what everyone else has and does and in the end you end up losing themselves.